Friday, September 26, 2008


this blogroll page can hardly offer any blog support (via link love or technorati), but what little it can, i do offer.

thank you for adding the freerice banner: :)

Adventure Girl Wanna Be
Random Thoughts From Me!!
Sherrie's Stuff
Sherrie's Quilts
100 Sweets Recipes
Just Books
Sherrie's Crochet Stuff
My Daily Haiku
The Lady Programmer
The PTC Investor
USpace Haiku y Senryu +

and thank you as well for playing: :)

The Tombstone Chronicler
Peacock Blue
Life with Kaishon
Beyond The Mind's Eye
Drinking The Moon
Brian's Blog
one day in hania
Organically Cooked
Crafty Green Poet
Over Forty Shades
Bolts of Silk
Pinoy Ambisyoso
Adventures of a (Geek) Mom
fish eye
Crows & Daisies
Pure Jade
Fitness For Life
Welcome to the World of Languages!!!

just let me know if anything here is incorrect. :) also, when i'm able to go online, i'll make it a point to visit these blogs daily. don't know if i'll be able to comment. :O but i'll try to do my part for your traffic. :)


Friday, September 19, 2008


decided to enroll this blogroll page in technorati as well. at least this way, i can offer more than a mere link. :)

Technorati Profile



hi again. :) for the persons on my blogroll, if you'd like me to add your keywords to the anchor text i use, kindly leave a comment on this post, and i'll make the adjustment.

it's not much, i know, but if you're interested, leave me a message here. :) thanks.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


welcome to my blogroll. :) on this page i've compiled links to the following:
  • haiku poetry blogs
  • poetry blogs
  • haiku poem prompt sites (where i go to try to come up with something to write about)
  • philippine blogs (how i try to stay in touch with the local blogosphere)
  • other blogs
this is my one stop for determining where to go, when i have some blog wandering free time. :) hope you find these lists helpful as well. :)

important haiku poems:

pink for october: breast cancer awareness month

freerice: each correct answer = a donation of rice

mefindhome: adopt a homeless cat or dog in the philippines

the hunger site: click daily to give free food

goodsearch: each search = about a 1 cent donation

freeplay: support a great foundation through goodsearch

kiva: loans that change lives, around the world

recent haiku poems:

haiku poetry blogs list